We focus on manufacturing blades and
industrial parts since 2010.
10 years professional experience in manufacrturing.
Serving over 100 large plants
Deren Precision Manufacturing Co. Ltd  focus on manufacturing cutting blades and custom parts.

Since 2010, our R&D team and manufacturing teams offer customized service for carbide blades, ceramic tools, steel precision parts and innovation service based on new material and new process.

We have 12 precision Grinding Machine, CNC Lathe,Milling Machine and Welding Machine, produce 30000 pcs blade and and custom parts each month.  Over 90% of our products are used in the advanced equipment and innovation industry. And we have achived 9 invention patents for innovation products.

In the past 10 years, we have served more than 10 industrial fields including medical surgery, polyester pelletizing, plastic engineering, electronics, optical fiber, magnet material, automation machinery, label printing, MLCC, textile fiber cutting, weighing test system and more.
Now, we serve over 100 famous enterprises and large plants for long time cooperation.  Our customers are worldwide, most in mainland China, and about 10%~20% in Japan,South Korea,Singapore, Thailand etc.

Work time:8:30-18:00
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